Magbinisaya Kita Course 1

A Cebuano Learning Course


by: Dr. Jessie Grace U. Rubrico




Cebuano Learning Course


The Magbinisaya Kita Course 1 is a 13-lesson course designed for easy acquisition of the Bisaya or Cebuano language. It is a step-by-step presentation of the basic structures of the language using the functional approach. Everyday dialogs are employed to acquaint the learner with the real world of language use.


Each lesson comes with relevant lists of vocabulary, common expressions, and useful phrases. Practice and drills, Grammar Notes, and Exercises complete the lesson. The four (4) unit tests and the Final test allow the learner to review past lessons and enable him/her to create a holistic picture of the Bisayan/Cebuano world through its language.




Dr. Rubrico has been teaching Cebuano to foreigners and Filipinos alike since 1994. She started with one-on-one- tutorials or tutorials of two or three in a reputable language school in Quezon City. Due to the lack of instructional materials which are light and simple yet functional and easy to learn from without much memorization and mimicking, she developed Courses based on the feedbacks of her language learners.


This Course is the product of her quest for a simpler and easier method of Cebuano language instruction. After some revisions to accommodate suggestions and comments of the learners, Magbinisaya Kita Course 1 was printed in 1999. The Magbinisaya Kita Course 1 underwent some minor revisions prior to that to cater to distance learners all over the globe. It has reached over a thousand learners from North America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia, including the Philippines.








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"I have completed both Magbinisaya Kita Course 1 and Course 2 and so I can vouch for their worth. In my opinion the Magbinisaya Kita program is the best available resource for learning Cebuano. That's how I did it." -Thomas Marking, Cebuano Learner


"At the moment I have plenty of people willing to talk to me in Bisayan/Cebuano, but there is still just way too much that I don't understand. I have a good memory, but it makes it much easier if you understand (or have an idea) of what's going on in the grammar when a native speaker is trying to speak too you. After I did your Course 1 it made a world of difference in some of the basics of grammar. I think if I didn't study Course 1 there would still be lots of basic rules my wife would still trying to explain to me. I'm hoping that Course 2 will be the same and unlock many doors...." -Gilbert Martin, Cebuano Learner


5.0 out of 5 stars Well structured course

The dialogues in the book are great and helps the total beginner approach in a well structured manner. There are some linguistic terminologies, but not too intimidating for non linguists. There are some loanwords from English and especially Spanish, so the idea of a dialogue can be understood at least a little if one speaks both languages it is a big plus. (I speak both) The program is directed to English speakers. Grammar is different, so be prepared to think differently. The author has put up a couple of pages that have loanwords from English on her site, which is used in daily speech for Cebuano speakers. Cebuano learning materials are very scarce, and from what I have encountered this is the best. -Amazon Review, Ireview


The final section of the Module consists of the following valuable additions: Review of Grammar, over 1000-word glossary, phrases, and expressions; and the Cebuano Phonology. A very significant addition to this edition is the “Cultural Notes” section which introduces the learner to the cultural nuances in the language.


Finally, the most important component of this course is the email tutorial with the author herself! Avail of these tutorials and you’ll be speaking Cebuano after this course!





Learn Cebuano and actually understand the grammar of the language this in-depth learning Course.

Understand clearly the concepts behind the Cebuano language instead of parroting.

Practice Cebuano with a native speaker is easy with the included exercises.

Communicate with your friends and loved ones after completing the 60 hour course.

Submit your exercises and consult with the author through email should you have in-depth questions.



Cebuano Learning Course

Magbinisaya Kita Primer 1 - ISBN: 978-971-93688-0-9

Magbinisaya Kita Phrasebook 1 - ISBN: 971-93021-1-9

(3) Audio CD Companions

and 5-7 Email Consultations


"The Best Available Resource for Learning Cebuano"



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