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Publisher: Languagelinks
Author: Dr.Jessie Grace U. Rubrico
Price: 59.99 USD
ISBN: 971-93021-1-9

    Acess to An Introduction to Chavacano
* is an authorized re-seller of
An Introduction to Chavacano
Beginning Chavacano Online

This 105-section course contains common expressions and useful phrases which come in handy when communicating in Chavacano. The sections are structured so that the learners can expand a given expression. Deriving other expressions from a given expression is an effective method of putting a handle on the language. A good exercise for those who are adventuresome and are looking forward to learning the language.

Another feature of this phrasebook is the grouping together of related phrase and terms. Learning by association can be fun and easy!

This course comes with an audio reading of for each of the 105 sections to help the learner better associate himself/herself with the sounds of the language.

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