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Publisher: Languagelinks
Author: Dr.Jessie Grace U. Rubrico
Price: 49.99 USD

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Magbinisaya Kita Course 1
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Magbinisaya Kita Primer 1
The Best Cebuano Learning Book Available

The Magbinisaya Kita Primer Revised (2007) Edition is an expanded version of the 1999 Magbinisaya Kita Cebuano Primer 1. Just like the MK Module 1, its format is concise and functional. It includes 13 lessons, four examinations, a glossary, a list of idiomatic expressions and useful phrases, grammar notes culled after over 12 years of scholarship. Each lesson consists of the following sections: Presentation (simple text and/or every day dialogs); Vocabulary -words, useful phrases and common expressions, Practice (putting the lesson in use), Grammar Notes, Exercises (internalizing the lesson).

Appended are the following: about 1000 word glossary, a simplified review of Grammar rules with corresponding examples, and a discussion on Cebuano phonology.
The approximate study time for this module is 60 hours (allotting 2 hours per day of serious study). Once this module is mastered, the learners will then be ready to deal more confidently with the second module --verbal predicates or comments.

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