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Publisher: Languagelinks
Author: Dr.Jessie Grace U. Rubrico
Price: 51.99 USD

    1 Audio CD recording
    1 PDF e-book
Magbinisaya Kita Phrasebook for Tourist
Magbinisaya Kita Phrasebook
Tourist Edition

Know what to say as you travel and/or move around in a Bisaya/Cebuano community. This phrasebook puts together phrases and expressions a traveler or a tourist needs to communicate with the locals. How to ask questions or solicit information, and what answers to expect, and more! In addition, the frequently used vocabulary are grouped according to meaning and/or use for easy recall.

Familiarize yourself with these phrases and expressions by listening to the digital audio CD reading in both English and Cebuano/Bisaya.

You’d be glad to have this phrasebook!

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